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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  December 27, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> clear weather moving in. enjoy it while lasts. saturday storm details. they are going to miss it. time is running out for homeowners to take advantage of a tax credit. we reveal the cream of skin products. we begin with winter weather. we hope that nothing is moving in and it stays calm. a nice stretch, rosy in the day tomorrow, the wicked winds of today are diminishing, breezy and winds northwest, 10 to 15, even the peak wind gusts are down. things are quieting down. wind chills in the 20s.
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while one storm continues to head out into eastern kansas, a new storm on the texas coast and that will be the saturday weather maker. doesn't look like much now but it is headed our way for the first half of the weekend and it will mean winter weather for maryland and we got the details in a few minutes. have you been swammed with news of a fiscal cliff where your property rates could rise if you don't take action. for half a million marylanders, they may be missing out on free money. we have more on that. >> reporter: we are talking about losing hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars if the homestead tax credit mick -- application is not filled out. we learned that many people are finding out about the deadline from the news. we will keep saying it until the end of the year. when the holiday lights go out,
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the bills start to pile up and any financial break is important to turn the lights on. >> we have been a homeowner owner i want my money. >> don't we all, the homestead tax credit went intoe if you into -- in the 70s and the credit is good for your home, not vacation homes. we have plenty of properties getting credit that they are not entitled to. >> lawmakers came up with another plan, a one time application to update the database and cut out the fraud. >> our governor likes to tax and he will do it without telling us. >> everybody has gotten two applications mailed to their premise address. >> we have had five years to fill out a short application but four days out, a half million marylanders are in jeopardy of losing hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars. >> have you checked to see if you have signed up. >> i have not already signed up. >> john book is filling out his
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application tomorrow. a lot of people didn't realize that we had to fill it out this year. they didn't list tonight news. i heard about it on the news. >> we tell you how to save money. >> right. >> the savings will end if it is not filled out. you can log onto see if you were approved. >> people should do it, they will miss. >> it you will miss it considering the uncertainty of the federal tax credits, if you are or somebody you know forgets, you will lose out on next year's credit and the law allows you to apply at any time and get the credit for the following year. cheryl conner, abc2news. we will make it easy for you. log to and you will find the link there. take a look, you can see the clock is ticking all the
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way down to the end of the. the president and the senate was back in dc trying to find common ground. the house comes back sunday but the deadline is close and pessima bounces. >> the taxes may go up, we have a story on the web site that explains it, go to and look for how the fiscal cliff will affect you, read it. it is important stuff. new tonight, maryland winners are nothing to mess around with and here is a good reminder. the state has recorded its first hypothermia death, a man believed to be 65 years died earlier this month in frederick county. that's all the state blands to tell 15 people died from hypoth
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last year. this is something that you will only see on this is the face of a mother that just got some of the best news of her life. abc2news was interviewing her about her missing daughter when she got the call she is safe. 17-year-old arielle was missing five days, her picture went viral and our camera was rolling when the mom got the good news from the police. >> we were so worried. >> what is the first thing you are going to do. >> hug her. i can't wait see her. >> she was found on the her boyfriend's house and he has been charged with lying to bliss. a beating on christmas night a mother did not recognize the face. the man's family is calling it a hate crime. two days after the victim is still very bruised and banged up. he wants people to know what
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happened to him. that's why he sat down with abc2news. it was christmas night and kenneth shaw says he just ran down to the corner store. on his way back on the corner of rose and east huffman he was cold cocked and beat by men for five to ten minutes. >> my face swelled and it was like they kept hitting me in the same spot and i could hear the crushing of my tissue. >> reporter: the men kept hitting him in his face, this is a picture before and after and his mother didn't know it was him in the emergency room. >> my son walked into the emergency room and i did not recognize my own child. i couldn't believe it. i could not believe that
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someone beat my son for no reason. >> reporter: other than the fact that ken is a gay man, mother and son believe he was beaten christmas night because of his sexuality, some in the neighborhood have called him names and pointed out that he wasn't robbed but just beaten, an in tolerance that nearly cost his life. >> i think it was a hate crime because of my life style and i didn't do anything. i don't know these guys names. >> reporter: kenneth wants to move or change when he leaves his house. but not before he and his family take a stand. they are convinced kenneth was assaulted for being gay and will not cower until they see justice served. >> i think you got to get to a point in life that you just can't be afraid anymore. you know and this is how it stands, this is my son, i know i will lay down my life for my
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son. >> city police say the whole assault is still under investigation and have yet to classify this as a hate crime and finding the suspects may be difficult, ken said he never got a good look at them. if you like slot machines, you can stay at the casino until the cows come home, the casino is staying open 24/7. maryland alive welcomed players at 8 at doors that will never close. the 24/7 change was approved last month. the new hours will make them more competitive with neighboring states and create jobs. all in all we are adding 1200 additional jobs with table games in 24 hours, 150 are tied to the 24 hours and starting by tonight. and then the remainder of them will be added as we get closer and closer to the table games operation with about 800 of them tied specifically to the table games operation.
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they believe the changes will help the casino better compete. there's no timetable set for table games to start for the casino. the best estimate right now is sometime in the early spring. developing tonight, former president george h.w. bush is still in intensive care at a texas hospital being treated for bronchitis, we spoke to a doctor that said it has a lot to do with his age. patients in the 80s take longer to recover. dr.patel says the fact that the president is on a liquid diet should not alarm anyone. any patient is able to tolerate a clear liquid diet and able to feed themselves and likely not on a breathing machine. >> and that's a good sign. >> that is a good sign. dr. patel says in this case, icu care probably just means he's dealing with minor set backs that may require additional monitoring. well, the man that led u.s.
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coalition forces has died. norman scwaroff died. he was 78 years old. is your skin, dry and cracked and suffering from the heart break of of psoriasis. we will tell you about how to make your skin feel soft. on the weather front, of course one storm out but a new one headed our way, a clear night in baltimore but why things will change big time by saturday morning. going someplace warm in the middle of winter, can you get there? new apps to let you know if your flight is on time. we are back in sixty seconds.
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new video of what looks like the inside of a tornado.
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these pictures are from a surveillance camera just outside of a walgreen's in mobile alabama, the small tornado tore through the city christmas day. you can see the debris flying in the parking lot and wind and lightning gets worse as the tornado gets closer, the winds things are knocked out as customers ran for cover. a relatively small tornado if you can call anything like that small, the weather service says it was a small ef2. wow! one child's gift from santa would have been more appropriate for an adult. the gift of a nintendo 3d had naked pictures. the gaming machine was used and purchased at a game stop in colorado. the company says they have rigorous policies to make sure the devices are wiped clean but those policies were not followed. mark gails said he is upset that his son saw the images and hard to explain. >> about nine images of sexual
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activity on this toy that he got from santa that santa got from game stop. a lot going on in the north pole. gails said game stop gave him a new nintendo. and the company said they had worked hard to make sure the sigs don't happen. out of millions and millions of purchases each year, ones like this are rare. let's face it, winter weather is rough our skin, the cold dry air can dry you out, as abc2news tells you, there's a dermatologist approved guide to what is hot in skin care. carol wayne is looking for the next big thing in skin care. >> i go for products that say repair sun damage, uv rays, and anything that says you know
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diminishing lines and wrinkles. >> we teamed up with board certified dermatologist dr. hirsch to bring you the latest and greatest skin care ingredients, a hot topic at this year's american academy of determine technology meetings. we got something for everyone, every price point, every type of skin. >> dr. hirsch says all are backed by exciting clinical research starting with ret ta nol, a time proven acne fighter that received a facelift. >> they have focused for people with sensitive skins that have not tolerated these ingredients. >> it is a sugar extract to fight wrinkles. it increases regenerization of skin cells, collagen, the skin looks smoother. >> or try rose apple leafs. rob carlin bin son says it is a
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potent antioxidant. >> it is great to use. >> and two ingredients making a major come back. >> when ingredients make a come back, there's new research or data showing it provides additional benefits to the skin that may have not existed before. q10 that produces the skin's energy is also approven antioxidant and dr. hirsch says vitamin b3 is now known for more than its moisturizing power. >> it is gaining new life in its ability to exfoliate the skin and protecting the skin. >> so how do you know which product is right for you? >> find the thing that's most concerning and target new ingredients based on those items. trying to fix too many things is a recipe for disaster. >> since sun damage is on tara's list she ended a lotion with rose apple leaf to her
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regimen. we agree that if you can try before you buy, don't be afraid to ask for samples and test products on your arm. at the end of the day, the potion is one you will use regularly and don't be afraid to ask your dermatologists lots of questions. do you own stock? the associated press says for the 5th straight year americans are choosing to sell instead of buy and that's despite pretty good gains, americans are losing faith in the government. it is not clear what the implications will be in the long term but companies could spend less and economic growth slow and more people that do continue to invest could see bigger losses. if you plan to travel in the next few months, you could be in for a bumpy ride, weather could throw a monkey wrench into the travel. we have an ap to make it shoot. frozen runways and mounting
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snow, winter traffic can be messy and all it takes is a snowstorm to trigger ripple effects. while a smart phone can't dial up mother nature it can make interruptions more tolerable. there are aps that help. one helps out map out coffee and other thing closest to the gate and has reviews. travel nerd has information in case weather keeps you grounded. if there is an overnight stay an hotel overnight has discounts in major cities. and on the ground making an airport pickup, don't get stuck circling while a delayed traveler is in the sky.
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the iphone ap tracks and tells a driver when to leave to ensure an ontime pickup. and speaking of applications that make your life easier, down load the abc 2 weather ap. everything you need to get live radar information. search for abc 2 in your app store. and now, maryland's most accurate forecast. clear and chilly night. breezy conditions. 37 at bw "i" and winds are west, northwest at 14. it has been one windy gusty day. 50miles per hour in the d c area. really windy conditions. a little weather to get in the forecast as we push towards saturday. look at the winds bringing everything up. at the u.s. naval academy, a breezy night and coastal
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flooding along the bay. winds are northwesterly at 15 right now. steady at 15. few gusts higher than that and a few gusts this evening around 18 to 25. still breezy cold night and the power night gusts are a down deal and won't ramp up to saturday and sunday in the wake of this next storm. wind chill factors cold and mid- 20s. nice and clear tomorrow in the wake of this storm. obviously still putting down heavy storms across northern england and eastern canada and on the back side today and all of the cold air going in the area of low pressure, that is what generated the wind. that's one in a line of two storms. now all eyes turn to texas, the texas coast west of louisiana and this will be our next weather system just generating rain and it is that classic texas low setup where the system will be progressing in our direct as we work into the day tomorrow. temperatures looking to warm up pretty nicely tomorrow to 40. if you have snow packs for instance in westminster and
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carroll county and manchester, snow on the ground, you will get a little melting tomorrow but it looks fresh snow on saturday. one reason why, cold air availability which is a tough thing in late december in maryland. it edges further in and it won't be the case this time because we have the cold air in abundance and not above freezing in baltimore and bwi area on saturday. the storm keeps going out. the blustery winds are a done deal by morning. we are set for a nice dry day tomorrow and next moving to the deep south states and areas of big time severe weather in the last 24 hours will get more of that and then ramping up as it moves in our direction. at this point in time the storm will really reach peeking intensity after it starts towards maryland and off of the long island, new york coast. so i think we will get precipitation out of this. not the big lull that you get with some of the winter storms. talking about two different
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potential winter tracks. we will get the second track with accumulation. it looks like the rain-storm southwest of the immediate baltimore area, south of the eastern shore where the rain will be, a mix between those two lines and the snow tapering off by 2:00 on saturday afternoon. annapolis will be all snow. in the snow totals maybe one to three inch rain generally across the bomb area and one to two inch scenario and in the west, four to five inches including carroll county and right along the maryland- pennsylvania state line, could see more there. 26, mostly cloudy diminishing winds and 40s, not a huge deal
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weatherwise. let's go to the seven-day forecast because thing will change. snow moving in late saturday night, i'm sorry, friday night into early saturday morning through the day saturday. more wintery weather. expect a slick scenario in the morning. just a few inches is all it takes when it sticks. i think the roads will be treated through the day saturday as it tapers off to snow showers saturday and the saturday plans will go out well. just a matter of that saturday morning through noontime frame. that's a tricky time. >> pretty night a good night and morning on saturday but staying into 2 or 3:00. i think that will be ideal, let them treat the roads and it will be better. maryland already has an official state insect and bird and lawmakers want to create a state sandwich. eastern shore republican richard cullburn has a measure to make the soft shell crab the
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official maryland sandwich. in 2008, state lawmakers making the smith island cake the official dessert, please take the shell off first before you put it on bread. here is terry morean with a look at what they are on at night line. roosevelt coming up, for those experiencing holiday spending remorse, we bring you the cheap no thrills dollar store. we got a match made in comedy heaven, bet middler and billy crystal coming up on night p on night line right after
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abc2news. abc2news is brought to you by basset furniture. we have words and phrases
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we can't stand, for instance i just loathe the word artisnal. a new poll lists several words to be banned and the most hated were yolw and gangham style that the little guy is dancing around, billions watched it and the third word was literally and apple wood smoked bacon. get rid of that phrase. we want to know what words you can't stand. post them on facebook and let people know. >> apple wood bacon is good. >> it is in everything. >> too much. >> it is almost a cliche. the storm is forming in texas. here is how it plays out, nice clear friday, friday night looking good. saturday wintery from six a.m. to 2:00, a couple inches of
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snow coming our way, plan your
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weekend accordingly. that's it for us. you can get the latest online at and go to good morning maryland at 4:30 bright and early.
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